Obama’s socialism fueled U.S. malaise

If there is a cloud of malaise over us, it started during the Obama administration, when socialism was the order of the day, with open borders that brought about our sanctuary cities, increased welfare and disrespect from our sworn enemies. The fight to defeat socialism has brought with it an uncertainty about whether Trump's efforts are to be realized in the face of stiff opposition from the media and a liberal House. Malaise is what productive citizens feel when their earnings are taken by government and distributed to non-productive parasites. Not having the wall completed brings about a feeling of uneasiness and confusion at the opposition's misguided reasoning. If we don't support our president and his efforts to reverse a slide into socialism, malaise will be one of our smaller problems. We need the wall, and we need a curb on expanding welfare. JACK FRANKLIN, CONYERS

A nightmare of a Trump military parade

As 2018 ends in chaos emanating from the White House, here’s a scary nightmare for you. With patriot “Mad Dog” Mattis and a parade of once-fawning functionaries fleeing dysfunction, Trump finally gets the big D.C. parade he seeks. Having weakened our republic while strengthening the hands of despots all over the world, this would-be tyrant stands there a la Mussolini in some ridiculous garb to go along with his bizarro hairdo. Excitedly, he toadies up to his hero. A pumped-up Putin proudly peers at his Russian tanks and rocket launchers rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue (eerily reminiscent of the Nazis on Paris’ Champs-Elysees in 1940). Please wake me up from this nightmare!