Readers Write: Aug. 24

Common ground needed on climate change

Cracks in the political divide over climate change are showing. On Monday night at his Kennesaw State town hall event, U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson revealed the kind of common ground with climate change activists that is critical for progress on this most important issue. As one who believes that action is needed now to reduce the burning of fossil fuels to slow global warming, I was heartened to read that the senator is “a full believer that carbon contributes to carbon change” and that he acknowledged that reducing carbon emissions would improve people’s health. Reducing carbon does not require that we all agree on its source. We need only agree that reducing atmospheric carbon will slow global warming. So much the better if we can improve health, add jobs, and grow GDP by investing and developing new technologies and power sources. The way to that agreement is through finding common ground.


Both sides to blame at violent protests

Both sides are at fault with what is happening today, and the cities and states are letting it happen. When out-of-state people can go wherever they are “paid” to go to protest stupid things and “create a riotous” situation, this will continue to happen. Look up how many U.S. presidents owned slaves. Are we going to tear down all of our national monuments and tear up all of our currency? Give me a break! For once, one of our politicians spoke the truth and the news media can’t handle it. We all need to take a lesson from our pets. You treat them with love and respect and they don’t care who or what you are, they love you back. If all of us did this, there would be a lot fewer problems in our lives.


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