History shows not all former Nazis were treated justly in U.S.

I have no sympathy for the 95-year old ex-Nazi guard who misrepresented his past to emigrate to the U.S., but our country has not treated all ex-Nazis the same. Famed rocket scientist Werner von Braun was a member of the Nazi Party and the feared, brutal SS. Von Braun, with his large staff containing many other Nazis, were brought with their families to the United States to assist the U.S. rocket program. Von Braun’s V-2 “flying bombs” indiscriminately killed thousands of British civilians, and an untold number of slave laborers were worked to death or executed in factories he supervised. But for the lagging U.S. rocket program and the advent of the Cold War, von Braun should have been executed as a war criminal. That SS-Sturmbannfuhrer (Major) Werner von Braun was brought to our country and given prestigious awards really shows that justice was unevenly applied.


President Donald Trump has convinced his supporters that he should not be held to the norms of past presidents because he has no background as a politician. However, there is no justification for giving him a pass on matters of morality and transparency. What is he hiding? Why is he so afraid of the Mueller investigation? We should demand that Trump release his tax returns, let the Justice Department do its job, and have him truthfully explain his actions with regard to the payoff of a porn star and other women. His continued obfuscation of the truth and unprecedented attacks on the law enforcement and intelligence communities constitute a clear danger to our democracy. It is time we call the president to account.