Readers write, Aug. 26


We need leadership, not exaggerated ‘facts’

A recent PolitiFact Georgia item reported on Karen Handel’s claim that we spent $27 million to teach Moroccans how to make pottery (“Pottery claim takes truth for spin,” Metro, Aug. 21). It proved to be a major spin of the facts, and was rated “mostly false.”

This was part of Karen Handel’s blog “Only in Washington,” whose objective is to demonize our government — the very institution she wants to join. By finding anything even slightly amiss, and greatly twisting and exaggerating it, she hopes to rally support for her political ambitions. Promoting such hatemongering is a pathetic way to get votes, and it is not a characteristic that we need in our political representatives.

We need true leadership that rises above petty criticizing and provides real solutions for our future. How about a blog on building things up, instead of tearing things down? We need creators in Washington, not destroyers.


Morocco still takes millions in our taxes

Thank you, AJC, for the PolitiFact piece telling us that only about $2 million of $27 million in tax dollars were spent on teaching Moroccans how to make pottery (“Pottery claim takes truth for spin,” Metro, Aug. 21).

I feel much better! So, what was the rest of our hard-earned money spent on by our wonderfully magnanimous federal government — dancing lessons? Solar-powered tanning booths?



Where is outrage over state Medicaid denial?

I was gratified to see the recent letters regarding support for Medicaid expansion in Georgia (“Medicaid decision will surely hurt Georgians,” Readers write, Opinion, Aug. 19, and “Deal should rethink his Medicaid refusal,” Readers write, Opinion, Aug. 20), as well as the continued advocacy by Jay Bookman regarding this important issue.

I find it interesting that Mayor Reed and the Atlanta business community can get all excited about a new football stadium — but can’t even mutter a word of protest that thousands of Georgians will be going without health care due to the decision of our Republican governor and legislature to ignore the welfare of its citizens. Where is the outrage? Where is Atlanta’s leadership?



Passenger rail could relieve traffic snarls

Let’s consider what is happening with I-75 southbound traffic. Soon, it will be impossible to get out of Atlanta. This problem could be eliminated with a train connecting Atlanta, Macon and Savannah.

This should be a no-brainer for our politicians. If a hurricane should ever threaten our east coast of Georgia, imagine how quickly we would be able to evacuate the population and avoid a traffic back-up.

We need to start thinking forward to terminals in Atlanta, Macon and Savannah offering rental cars, bus service, taxi service and, in Atlanta, our fabulous MARTA. The tracks are already there, so there would be no need to purchase property — just renew what we have.

It’s time for every one to get on board. I challenge our politicians to come forward and make this happen. Linking up our ports, beaches and Atlanta business and attractions would only be a plus.


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