Readers write: Aug. 18

Put ISIS blame where it belongs

Jeb Bush saying ISIS is the fault of President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton sure takes a lot of nerve. To refresh Jeb’s short-term memory, it was his brother, George W. Bush, who started a war in Iraq for no reason at all. It was his brother who disbanded the Iraqi army, leaving the soldiers with no source of income, yet letting them keep their guns. That action is the direct cause of the formation of ISIS. Then again, I don’t imagine Iraq is discussed much at family get-togethers in Kennebunkport.


Democrats can dine on another name

“Jefferson-Jackson ties precarious” (News, Aug. 16) reported that the Democrat Party was gradually ending the traditional Jefferson-Jackson dinners because Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson no longer represented the ideals of members of the Democrat Party. Absolutely, take the names of these two respected Americans off of this occasion. I am sure both Jefferson and Jackson would not recognize the organization called the Democrat Party and would demand that their names not be associated with this morally and ethically corrupt organization. Perhaps the Democrat Party should name this affair after individuals who more closely align with their goals. Might I suggest the Benedict Arnold-Karl Marx Dinner?


Bad experience with Atlanta TSA

Every time I fly out of Atlanta, it’s an experience with the security line. I had polio, and because of post-polio syndrome, I have to wear a brace when I walk a lot. Never knowing what I will encounter at the airport, I wear my brace. When security was first put in, there was a line dedicated to those with handicaps or issues such as joint replacements. However, that is no longer the case. Most of the agents are rude and unsympathetic. I always state I can’t take my shoes off but one agent insisted I take one of my shoes off (one without the brace) then got mad because I had to lean on the machine and set it off. Another made me pull up my pants leg right in the line so she could see the brace. Some of my friends said, get a wheelchair. I tried that a couple of times. Once an agent asked me, couldn’t I walk? The Atlanta agents are the worst.