Readers Write: April 30

Lowest common denominator becoming standard

What is wrong with being elite — the best of anything considered collectively?

A problem with reducing everything to its lowest common denominator is that the lowest becomes the standard, not the highest. A successful life becomes measured by how much one gets, not how much one gives; a college education is reduced to getting a college degree; the mystery of religion is reduced to mega-churches with multi-campus auditoriums in which a motivational speaker urges the members to live long and prosper; denim become the appropriate dress for any and all occasions; opinions are just as valuable as facts. In a society in which there are no standards to which to aspire, the lowest common denominator becomes the standard by which a community chooses its leaders; who will then lead using the lowest common denominator as a guide.


Climate change causing more wildfires

Re: the story “Planning a beach trip? Ga. coast could face months of smoke from fires” (News, April 25), the article is all about the potential threat to livelihood and a way of life, all caused in the way climate scientists said it would happen. There will be more extreme weather and fires, heavier rain pours and more prolonged droughts providing fuel for wildfires. A single lightning strike sparks yet another wildfire which will affect our air and our leisure, and be costly to the seacoast vacation industry.

As an advocate for raising consciousness, I think more people should realize that probabilities of more hazardous, inconvenient and costly weather events will continue to increase until we change over to cleaner power systems. Call your member of Congress and ask them to join the Climate Solutions Caucus.


Few today understand real patriotism

After recently watching the old movies “The Fighting Sullivans” and “Alvin York,” I became a little depressed. Although these old movies were admittedly sensationalized in order to support the war effort in World War II, they did largely accurately represent the patriotism shown by Americans for their country. Likely few “millennials,” or their predecessors, have watched these movies or heard of them, but perhaps they should. Few people born after “The Greatest Generation” really understand the involvement of the entire American population during this war.

I am deeply saddened that our citizens no longer understand, respect or comprehend the sacrifices of that generation. Instead, recent generations mostly disdain patriotism, consider themselves “citizens of the world,” have no respect for our national sovereignty and are incapable of understanding the rights and responsibilities of American citizenship.

I have honestly come to believe that the ideals of the founders of our nation have been betrayed and our current nation will not, nor deserves to, continue. I am a military retiree who believes our nation, thanks to “progressives” will not survive as we know it. Simply put, our nation and our citizens have been “dumbed down,” subjugated to political correctness, but do not realize this fact.


Immunity the least of Flynn’s issues

I see General Flynn is floating the idea of receiving immunity from prosecution for his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. Receiving immunity in that venue is the least of “lock her up” Flynn’s legal issues. Being a retired military officer and receiving retirement monetary, healthcare and other benefits, General Flynn is still subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, commonly known as the UCMJ. If the United States government really wanted to get to the bottom of Flynn’s Russian connections, General Flynn could be ordered back to active duty to face courts-martial. If found guilty under the UCMJ, General Flynn would not only be subject to incarceration in a military prison, he could also face forfeiture of all pay and benefits. I’m sure General Flynn knows this, but he’s not telling anyone. Pick your poison, “lock her up” Flynn.