People wait in a long line to vote Saturday at the Cobb County Board of Elections and Registration Office in Marietta. STEVE SCHAEFER / SPECIAL TO THE AJC
Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Photo: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Opinion: Stacey Abrams’ response to Kemp’s assertions on voting

Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our American democracy - a lesson I learned from my parents who fought for civil rights. I am proud of the work I’ve done to ensure eligible voters could exercise their constitutional rights. Georgians need affordable healthcare, good-paying jobs, and quality public schools. But to secure those, they must be able to make their voices heard at the ballot box. This year, they’re turning out in record numbers to do so.

Unfortunately, thousands of voters across Georgia have their voter registration applications “on hold,” which is causing confusion and consternation. Long lines, malfunctioning machines - this is democracy under Brian Kemp as Georgia’s current Secretary of State (and current candidate for Governor). Yet Brian Kemp refuses to take responsibility.

It’s not the first time, either. When his office leaked the social security numbers of more than six million Georgians, Kemp blamed the technician. When his office hired a consultant who recommended shutting down polling locations across Georgia, he disavowed his own person.

Georgians deserve access to Medicaid expansion. They deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money in their own pockets. They deserve good-paying jobs and excellent public schools and the freedom and opportunity to thrive. They deserve honest, responsible leadership. Georgians should examine Kemp’s blatant lies, furious spin and desperate attempts to deflect responsibility.

Eligible voters deserve to be able to vote. It’s that simple. I am the only candidate for governor who voters can trust to protect that right and represent the best interests of all Georgians.

Stacey Abrams is the Democratic candidate for Georgia governor.