AJC letters: April 7

Governor should veto abortion “heartbeat” bill

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp should veto abortion “heartbeat” bill. I’m a constituent of Atlanta and the father of two daughters.

I am urging that Governor Kemp to do the right thing and veto HB 481. Women, in consul with their god, family, and doctor, need flexibility in matters of health and well being. Government involvement in those deeply personal and far from easy decisions is just plain wrong.

What Georgia is doing with HB 481 is an injustice for women of our great state. It is also bad for business — casting our state poorly.

While I know the governor campaigned saying he would sign and support this piece of legislation — I only hope he can see the bigger picture beyond campaign promises.

HB 481 must be vetoed.


Calling fight between city, state racist is wrong

I’ve lived in metro Atlanta for the past 34 years. During that time we’ve seen seemingly one scandal after another involving corrupt Atlanta politicians who demand bribes from anyone hoping to do business with the airport. I believe that Mayor Shirley Franklin was a mayor with integrity who believed in conducting city business honestly. Sadly, she’s the only former mayor I feel I can say that about.

Now, apparently, you’re a racist if you believe the City of Atlanta has shown repeatedly that it can’t be trusted to run the airport properly. What a sad and shameful lie. Maybe the AJC should look back through your archives and tell your readers just how many times over the years have you published articles with these key words, corruption — scandal — Atlanta mayor — airport. Calling the state’s takeover effort racism is nothing more than a pathetic effort by desperate pols who are scared to death they’re going to lose control of their often criminal enterprise.


Ga. lawmakers busy themselves with petty legislation

Well, I’m really glad our elected officials at the Gold Dome were able to prioritize the really important legislative issues. Hah!

Unfortunately, they passed some really stupid bills that speaks volumes about how backwards our elected officials are.

Like everyone else in the state, I’m so relieved our elected officials were able to pass legislation raising the legal age to get married, from 16 to 17. How could the state possibly survive without this jewel. I mean, really!

Am I the only person in the state to feel absolutely indignant about such petty legislation getting passed? There were many more really relevant, important legislative issues to be addressed. Can Georgia politicians get any dumber? I don’t think so!


Belief in God is no one’s business but your own

A recent letter-writer (“Disagreeing with using God as a weapon,” April 3) discussed the dilemma concerning whether to admit you believe in God or not. Regardless, if one believes/doesn’t believe in God, your belief should be strong enough to not really care about what people may say to the contrary. It’s not really any one else’s business, except if you try to influence anyone or any legislation. Educate yourself, and stand by your convictions.


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