Newsweek writer slams GOP for passing health bill

In a series of tweets that have since been deleted, Newsweek senior editor Kurt Eichenwald criticized House Republicans for voting for the bill to replace the Affordable Health Care Act.

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On Friday night, Eichenwald tweeted that he hoped every Republican who voted in favor of the American Health Care Act on Thursday sees a family member contract a serious "long term" illness and lose their insurance before dying. Eichenwald also tweeted that "I want them to be tortured," referring to Republicans who supported the AHCA. He also wrote: "I want the (Republicans])who supported this to feel the pain in their own families."

The Daily Caller captured the tweets before Eichenwald deleted them and softened his words.

Saturday night, Eichenwald wrote, “On the advice of ppl who care, I am deleting my tweet and restating it in a less aggressive way: Millions like me tonight dont know if GOP ‘health’ bill will pass & kill them. I hope those who vote for it someday face same anguish we do.”