New Orleans hairstylist gives away 560 bicycles to needy kids


Credit: Mark Dadswell

Credit: Mark Dadswell

A Louisiana hairstylist bought and gave away 560 bicycles Saturday as part of the New Orleans Police Department's bike drive to benefit children, reported.

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Jesseca Dupart said she had her best year of business since opening Kaleidoscope Hair Products three years ago. When she heard about the bike drive, Dupart was eager to participate and went to Walmart to buy the bicycles.

“I look forward to doing it next year but I want to do it on a way larger scale," Dupart told “The way God is blessing my life, he's going to provide me enough to do tenfold this time next year.”

Dupart said it was the first time she had ever participated in a such a large-scale donation. She said she got emotional when she arrived at Walmart and saw how many police officers and police cadets were helping to load up the bikes and transport them to her business.

“Seeing the idea and the fruition of it” was emotional, Dupart told “Just looking at the magnitude of it.”

Watch Luve: 500 bikes in their way to deserving recipients. They're donated by Jesseca Dupart of Kaleidoscope Hair Studios and NOPD.

Posted by New Orleans Police Department on Saturday, December 23, 2017