Wife gets kidney from husband for 20th anniversary

A day before their 20th wedding anniversary, a husband and wife are exchanging a remarkable gift.

WVEC reported that Scott Chafian, of Suffolk, Virginia, is donating his kidney to his wife, Cindy.

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"It's a huge thing to ask somebody, to go under a major surgery and have a part of them removed so that you can live," Cindy Chafian told WVEC. "That's major."

Cindy Chafian has polycystic kidney disease, which the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases says causes cysts to form in the kidney.

For two years, she has used a peritoneal dialysis machine every night. With her husband's kidney, she will no longer need it.

"What he's doing for me and what other organ donors can do for other people is to really give them their life back and there's no words that could express how special that is," she said.

Scott Chafian said the choice to donate an organ was an easy one.

"It's so hard to take to see your wife that way," he said."It's such a simple decision because you see the person you love so much just brought literally to their knees."

After the surgeries, couple will spend several days in the hospital, including their anniversary date.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help with additional costs they expect outside of coverage from their insurance. The page has already raised more than $1,000 toward its $5,000 goal.