Where do people get shot by dogs most often?

Floridians might want to watch their guns when their dogs are around.

A recent report states that 10 Americans have been shot by dogs since 2004, and almost half of those incidents happened in Florida, Newser reports.

A chart from The Washington Post shows the dates and locations of each incident. Forty percent of the cases occurred in Florida, and 50 percent happened on a hunting trip, their newspaper's data show. Other incidents involved an owner getting shot in a car or on a boat.

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This past weekend, a chocolate Labrador named Trigger shot an Indiana woman in the foot while she was hunting. The dog accidentally stepped on her loaded shotgun when she placed it on the ground.

Out of the 10 incidents, only one was fatal. In 2008, a dog jumped on a gun when entering the bed of a Texas hunter’s truck. The owner was shot in the thigh and bled to death, Newser reports.

In the same time period, there has been one case of a cat shooting its owner in 2005. The feline knocked a handgun off the kitchen counter , causing it to fire a bullet that struck the owner in the torso, Fox News reported.

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