Watch: Wendy Williams faints on live TV

Wendy Williams was in the middle of a live broadcast Tuesday when the talk show host stumbled over her words and suddenly fell to the ground.

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Williams was introducing the annual Halloween costume contest segment of her show when she became wide-eyed, flustered and unable to talk.

Williams, 53, stumbled backward, reached up to touch her head and fell on the ground. Moments before the fall, Williams appeared to be having trouble breathing.

Production crew members rushed to her aid.

After a lengthy commercial break, Williams, who was dressed in a Lady Liberty costume, said she was feeling better. She said she had overheated in her costume.

Many viewers said she appeared to have suffered a stroke.

“Was I passed out for that long?” Williams asked the audience, acknowledging the little time remaining in the broadcast after her return to the show. “That was not a stunt. I overheated in my costume, and I did pass out. But you know what? I’m a champ and I’m back.”

Williams was wearing a green sequined jumpsuit with a green wig and a green crown.

A statement on Williams' Instagram account said her heavy makeup, costume and lights were to blame for her condition.

Williams later wrote on Instagram that she is “doing fine (and) just (needed) some water and electrolytes.”

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The Daily Mail reported Williams, who propped herself up on a glass podium, still appeared to be struggling to speak clearly after she returned to the broadcast.

According to TMZ, Williams' show is recorded live on the East Coast and edited when necessary for West Coast airings.