Twitter removes fake accounts, users may see drop in followers

Twitter is removing fake accounts from follower numbers.

Credit: Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Credit: Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Twitter is removing fake accounts from follower numbers.

Twitter is making the move and slashing accounts that are deemed fake and the fallout may be seen as follower counts start to take a dive.

The social media platform is starting today to remove tens of millions of accounts that may be fake from follower counts, the New York Times reported.

In the past the locked accounts remained in the follower counts, the company said.

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The move is trying to battle the issue of social media fraud head-on. Some users boost the number of followers on the platform, and other services fed by Twitter, with either automated or fake accounts. The fake number of followers then influence others when it comes to politics, business and entertainment, the Times reported.

While the move will impact tens of millions locked accounts, it will only account for 6 percent of accounts overall, Wired reported.

Recently, Twitter has been locking about a million accounts a day, a Washington Post investigation uncovered.

In May and June, the company suspended about 70 million accounts and officials expect to keep that same pace for July, the Post reported.

While the shock of numbers going down may hit users now, Twitter officials say that the adjustments to follower counts will level out as they continue to work on identifying and challenging "problematic accounts."

If your Twitter account has been locked, you can follow these steps to get it reinstated.