The Right gives Trump the win in national anthem protests

A roundup of editorials Monday looks at how fans booed the players who did not stand for the anthem, how liberals don’t get Joe and Jane Sixpack and why the players, owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell should be ashamed of themselves.

Here are some opinions from the Right.

1. Trump wins when the NFL takes a knee
From The Daily Caller: Some NFL fans booed their teams from their stadium seats when players took a knee during the national anthem on Sunday, echoing populist support for honoring the flag.

2. NFL fumbles in its response to Trump
The Boston Herald: Liberals ask if Joe and Jane Sixpack understand what the protest is about, or are they just racists?

3. NFL players taking a knee, Commissioner Roger Goodell, shame on all of you
From Fox News: Judge Jeanine Pirro sees it this way – Roger Goodell and all the players, coaches and owners who don't respect the national anthem need to be ashamed of themselves.