Study: 'Stand your ground' law linked to homicide increase in Florida

A new study claims the "stand your ground" law is directly linked an increase of homicides in Florida.

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The Journal of the American Medical Association is examining the law's impact in Florida since it was enacted in 2005.

The study says the law is directly linked to a 24.4 percent increase of homicides. It said there is an even higher increase in homicides involving a gun at nearly 31 percent.

WJAX-TV law and safety expert Dale Carson said the facts are true—homicides have jumped since 2005. But he thinks the study should have looked directly at cases that the law as a defense before making that conclusion.

"How many times has that happened in Florida? That number is entirely unknown and that is a critical number," Carson said.

The study said homicides increased in Florida despite a decline across the U.S. The study admitted circumstances unique to Florida may have contributed to its findings that they could not identify.

Carson said those details matter and can make all the difference.

“Yes there has been an increase in homicides. Is it something that is directly or even indirectly related to the stand your ground law? I don’t believe so,” Carson said.