‘Saddest dog’ looking for adoptive home ... again

Credit: Gabriele Ritz / EyeEm

Credit: Gabriele Ritz / EyeEm

Lana the golden retriever’s story went viral almost two years ago when a photo of her looking dejected got her the name “saddest dog in the world.”

Her story was supposed to have a happy ending when a family decided to add her to their pack.

But it didn’t work out.

Lana was born in Mexico, the runt of her litter, competing with the other pups for food. She was eventually taken to Toronto, Canada, but was afraid of nearly everything, The Dodo reported.

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She was bounced around the foster dog system, until she was about 5 months old, when she found what many thought was a permanent family. One day, though, she snapped at a family member while she was being fed. The family, which had young children, became nervous, and Lana was taken to a shelter. That's where she got the nickname "saddest dog in the world," The Dodo reported.

After Lana's story went viral, thanks to the original Dodo articleRescue Dogs Match received thousands of applications for adoption and $15,000 in donations to care for her.

Months later, she was adopted.

She was returned once again.

Lana's family returned her because they wanted a dog they could pet and play with, Rescue Dogs Match founder Brenda Dobranski told The Dodo.

Dobranski added that she’s not a dog that will let someone cuddle up with her in bed or let someone rub her belly.

This time may not have a happy ending. Rescue Dogs Match said that Lana has until May 20 to find a home. She was bounced around from boarding shelters to foster families and back to a boarder shelter last year. 

The shelter where she is currently is getting too crowded, Rescue Dogs Match told the Dodo. Officials with the group are not sure what is next for the dog, but euthanasia is on the table.

Lana’s personality, Dobranski said, is good for a farm where she could run outside all day.

Rescue Dogs Match is now combing through adoption applications from the U.S. and Canada trying to find the perfect family for Lana.