Pregnant mom tells her side of what led to Publix brawl

A pregnant woman, whose husband was involved in the viral Publix fistfight, is speaking out about the incident for the first time, Clickorlando reports.

Kristin Varley, 28, said before the fight began her husband was asking Publix shopper Edwin Colon for an apology, after she said he started an argument in the outside parking lot with her over a shopping cart.

“The video doesn’t show the first minutes of what happened, which is my husband asking for an apology several times,” Varley said to Clickorlando.

Before the fight, Varley says Colon was cursing at her and her daughter, who was inside the car, after Varley told Colon she couldn't move her shopping cart back to the store.

"I went back to my cart and I moved it over an inch so he could get in (the parking space). "I said, 'I'm having contractions. I'm nine months pregnant. I don't feel well today. I can't do this. I can't move it back to Publix," Varley said to Clickorlando. "I went back to my cart and I moved it over an inch so he could get in. As I was walking back and explaining to him why I couldn't move any further he told me, 'Maybe you should of thought of that before you got f-ing pregnant," she added.

Varley said once Colon went inside, she called her husband and told him what happened.

"I wanted an apology because I don't think any woman, — pregnant or not — should ever be treated like that for not putting their cart back because they didn't want to leave their kid," Varley said to Clickorlando.  "I would never leave a cart in the middle of a disabled parking spot."

Colon claims that Varley also cursed at him and “parked the cart right in the middle of the parking space,” according to Clickorlando.

When Local 6 news spoke to Colon, he said he wanted Orlando police to further investigate the incident and he might hire his own attorney.