Police: 'Half-headed' Florida man arrested

A Florida man, who gained exposure a few years back for his head injuries leaving him with a deformity, was arrested on Monday after he set a mattress on fire.

Carlos Rodriguez, 31, set his mattress on fire at his Miami-area home on Monday, WSVN reports.

Rodriguez was arrested and charged with arson and attempted murder because the investigators found he intentionally set a fire that put the lives of others at risk, WSVN reports.

Rodriguez is known for his mugshots since a “large portion of his brain and skull” were removed due to a car crash in which he “flew through his car’s windshield” and landed head-first, WSVN added.

According to The Daily Mail in 2012, when he was brought in for allegedly soliciting prostitution, forms filled out by police allegedly contained no name and a description that read: "half a head."

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