Photo of teen waiting for bus in cap and gown goes viral

A hard-working high school student has gone viral after a photo of her waiting for a bus in her cap and gown was posted to Facebook.

Cierrah Adams is a fresh graduate from Sam Houston High School in Texas.

The photo of Cierrah waiting for a bus, dressed in her green cap and gown with her head bowed at a bus stop took off on social media.

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Kyera Grant, took the picture and posted it to Facebook.

"I wanted to scream at her cause I wanted her to smile! She was just sitting there and I was like, 'Look! She's graduating!'" Grant told KENS. "She was just sitting there, so I took a picture and it went off on its own."

Within a few hours, thousands of people were offering to help by sending gift cards, baking a graduation cake, and even inviting her to their home for dinner.

Cierrah’s brother, Devonne Adams, explained Cierrah was on her way home from graduation rehearsal.

“She was coming from Sam Houston and trying to catch a bus to get back to the house. She did have a ride to graduation and a ride back from graduation, she was just coming from graduation rehearsal,” Devonne said. “Some people said, ‘Why couldn’t someone give her a ride?’ We only have a few family members and friends to depend on, so we really don’t have a car. So it’s very hard.”

After graduation, Cierrah plans to attend the University of the Incarnate Word. She plans to study psychology after securing a summer job to help pay for her degree.