View of the USS Indianapolis, a US Navy cruiser active in the Pacific theater during World War II, 1940s. (Photo by US Navy/Interim Archives/Getty Images)
Photo: Interim Archives/Getty Images
Photo: Interim Archives/Getty Images

Opinion roundup from the left: Our republic is made for change; quit focusing only on the Historic District when revitalizing neighborhoods

A roundup of editorials from the state’s newspapers Monday includes a look at how our government was made for change, what the discovery of a ship’s remains recalls, and a prod for Savannah city leaders to go east ( and south).
Here are some opinions from the left. 

1. The American republic was designed for evolution
From The Ledger-Enquirer: Judge Clay Land reminds us that our problem is not with statues, but with realizing that change is necessary.

2. Discovery of ship’s remains evokes one of World War II’s most horrific tragedies
From The Ledger-Enquirer: The ship’s captain, found guilty of negligence then exonerated, never recovered from the incident. Years later, he committed suicide.

3. Neighborhood revitalization: Go West, city leaders
From The Savannah News: The city needs to focus less on the Historic District and plan revitalization projects east and south of the city center.

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