The ultimate guide to the once-in-a-lifetime total solar eclipse this August

This August, millions of Americans will have the rare opportunity to watch the sun, the moon and planet Earth align in the country's first total solar eclipse to cross the continental United States from coast to coast in nearly 100 years.

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To get you excited and prepared for the gargantuan celestial event on Monday, Aug. 21, we’ll be updating this list with all our Great American Eclipse stories every day.

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The quick guide:

7 things to know about the rare total solar eclipse crossing the nation this August

Top eclipse viewing spots in the country

These are the best places to see the incredibly rare Great American Eclipse coming next month

10 places for best views

Eclipse flights offer a chance for a view from 35,000 feet


How to watch the 2017 solar eclipse on TV or online

Eclipse-watching checklist 

Everything you need to pack, bring with you on eclipse day

Don’t ruin your eclipse experience — What not to do the day of and during the total solar eclipse

Official map of eclipse path

This is the most accurate map of the Great American Eclipse’s path of totality to date

Expected eclipse view in your city

What will the sky look like in your city during August’s rare total solar eclipse?

Eclipse weather watch

Don’t let clouds ruin your solar eclipse view — Use these two maps to find clear skies near you

If you plan to take photos

Photographing the eclipse: Time to prepare is now

Eclipse glasses

Where to buy safe eclipse glasses and how to use them

Don’t get scammed — Safe, NASA-approved eclipse glasses and where to snag a pair

Can’t find eclipse glasses anywhere? Make these DIY pinhole cameras, projectors instead

Eclipse safety

A solar eclipse can blind you -- how to stay safe during August’s Great American Eclipse

Your eyes will fry under normal sunglasses during 2017 eclipse, here’s why

Pet safety

How will your pets react to the solar eclipse?

Fun or interesting stories

Sun-eating demons? 7 bizarre (but brilliant) myths and superstitions about solar eclipses

Opinion: A solar eclipse is most spectacular thing you will ever see

Krispy Kreme goes dark for Solar Eclipse 2017

Total solar eclipse will be ‘end of life on this planet as we know it,’ Georgia sheriff says

UGA professor creates map of Waffle House restaurants to watch the solar eclipse from (seriously)

Waffle House is throwing an official solar eclipse party — and you’re invited

For Georgians

Where to watch in Georgia

How Georgians can watch the rare total solar eclipse this summer

Use your ZIP code to find out if you’ll see it in your area and how far you may have to travel

8 best places to view the solar eclipse in Atlanta

You can’t drive up Kennesaw Mountain for the eclipse. Here’s the deal

Flashback photos

Flashback photos: A century in Georgia’s path of totality, 1890s-1990s

Georgia events and entertainment

5 rooftop bars in Atlanta to watch the solar eclipse

UGA to host solar eclipse viewing at Sanford Stadium

Black Rock Mountain: 5 things to know about one of the most sought-after spots to see the total solar eclipse

An Atlanta drinker’s guide to the solar eclipse

Need last-minute plans? These Georgia state parks are hosting awesome solar eclipse events

More solar eclipse events in Georgia

Eclipse 2017 map in Georgia

This map shows exactly where (and when) the total solar eclipse will cross Georgia this August

Aug. 21 weather watch in Georgia

Cloudy skies could ruin your solar eclipse plans — Use this map to see how cloudy your Georgia city will be

Solar eclipse forecast ‘iffy’ for Atlanta, but that can change in two weeks

Eclipse driving, traffic

How will the eclipse affect Atlanta and north Georgia traffic?

Lyft discounts rides 21 percent to prime viewing spots

Small towns expect heavy traffic, full hotels

Accommodations along Georgia’s eclipse path

Georgia Airbnbs are booking up quick for next month’s total solar eclipse — here’s where you still have a chance

Eclipse glasses in Georgia

Get your free eclipse glasses at these metro Atlanta libraries

School eclipse events

Check out how Cobb schools are using solar eclipse as teaching moment

Some schools to extend school day during eclipse

Metro Atlanta schools delaying dismissal 

Cobb extending school 45 minutes during solar eclipse for child safety

Gwinnett schools will delay dismissal by 1 hour during solar eclipse

Marietta extending school 15 minutes during solar eclipse for safety

Atlanta, Fulton school systems to extend school day for eclipse

DeKalb schools keeping students an extra hour for solar eclipse