Oldest woman with Down syndrome celebrates milestone birthday

Frances Gillet is a true fighter.

The English woman is reported to be the oldest woman in the world with Down syndrome. This Sunday, she will turn 75 years old.

Defying all odds, Gillett battled breast cancer and tuberculosis, each within the last 12 years.

According to reports, Gillet was born in 1941, when the average life expectancy for someone with the condition was their mid-20s.

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At a special birthday party in Ely, Cambridgeshire, Gillett celebrated her milestone birthday with friends and family.

Twenty years ago she took a big step, moved away from her parents' home and into a residential home.

“Frances is really and truly amazing and over the years she has become more than a resident, she is like family,” Wayne Bent, part owner of her care home, told reporters.

“Years ago there was zero expectancy for someone with Downs syndrome to live such a long life, so for her to celebrate her 75th birthday is wonderful,” he added.