Oklahoma man recovering a year after nail was embedded in head

An Oklahoma man injured by a nail that went into his head in a freak accident is celebrating a major milestone this week.

Brady Drake was injured last January when a nail ricocheted into his head from a co-worker's nail gun. The nail hit him above his ear and lodged in his brain.

This week marks one year into Drake’s recovery. After his injury he spent two weeks in a medically induced coma, lost a portion of his skull and underwent months of physical therapy. He spent time in hospitals in Tulsa and Atlanta.
Drake was released from the hospital in June.
His family said this week that Drake’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle and they are thankful for the community’s thoughts and prayers.

BRADYSTRONG!!!!!   365 DAYS!! 
We are within hours of marking the one-year mark. I will always remember getting the phone call. I had just picked up the kids from school and walked up the stairs into the house. Nino and Quincee had quickly dropped their backpacks and ran out the door to ride their bikes. Their first day back to school from Christmas break was bright and sunny. I remember watching their giggles reflecting in the sunshine. Their images swirling into a terrible blur as the calm voice on the phone sucked my breath into a scream. The voice reported that he had fallen from a roof and landed on his head. We didn't know the real horror until the trauma surgeon saw it on the CT scan. A nail gun had been fired to secure plywood to steel, but it missed the steel and hit Brady who was below it. It was the moment that changed his journey...to this day, a year later, it is still a journey with no plan. It's hard to live with no plan. But as I look at the cardinals resting on the barren tree branch, I am reminded that God has the plan. I cannot lie and say it is not a struggle from moment to moment, but with God's love and faithfulness we are CHOOSING to remember this as an anniversary of a new life, and we are looking forward, not behind. Your prayers have been our foundation in this fight. Thank you for all your love.

Posted by Michelle Mccarthy Carabello on Wednesday, January 4, 2017