Man run over by cars, killed after being chased by wasps

A soldier from Fort Campbell was killed over the weekend trying to get home from a party in Tennessee.

Austin McGeough was trying to wave down a car to get home when police said he had leaned out too far and his knee was clipped by the car's bumper, The Tennessean reported. McGeough was spun around and hit his head on the car, killing him.

But, as the driver pulled over to stop traffic, two cars traveling in the opposite direction ran over McGeough.

Police said that McGeough had been using alcohol mixed with crushed percocet. The medication was prescribed to McGeough after surgery to remove his wisdom teeth, The Tennessean reported.

Before the crash, police said McGeough broke into a nursery thinking it was the location of the party he had left. He disturbed a wasp nest while he broke into the building and called 911 to tell them he was being chased.

Nursery workers found the business "trashed inside," leftover pizza gone and a bathroom used.

Police said that McGeough also called his girlfriend to tell her that he had gotten stuck under a shelf that he had knocked over, but he was able to get out, using the front door to leave the building.

Fifteen minutes after McGeough called 911 for help, police received a call that a pedestrian was hit on a nearby highway.