Man proposes to fiancée, her sister for the most heartwarming reason

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An Indiana man has just officially won the romance war.

Will Seaton had planned to propose to his girlfriend, Ashley Schaus, but there was one special lady he had another important question for -- Ashley's sister Hannah, ABC News reported.

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Hannah has Down syndrome and diabetes. And where Ashley goes, Hannah’s there.

When Will and Ashley were dating, Hannah usually went along.

"I told him we were a package deal when we started dating in 2010," Ashley told ABC News.

So when he knew he was going to get on bended knee, he had a plan.

Before he popped the question to Ashley, Will asked Hannah to be "best friends forever," presenting her with her grandmother's ring, ABC News reported.

Then he asked Ashley to be his wife, presenting her with her engagement ring.

The couple actually isn't far from Hannah every day since they built a home behind Ashley's and Hannah's parents home, where Hannah still lives, ABC News reported.