Man found after being trapped inside store walls for days

Now they are.

After the voice seemed to get louder firefighters were called to investigate.

After cutting away part of a wall they found Paul Felyk inside, and they say he may have been there for three days. Sgt. Matt Cage with the Longmont Police Department told 7News Denver, “I've had a few strange calls. This was definitely one of the strangest."

Cage added Felyk, “was extremely anxious to get out.”

Investigators think Felyk may be a transient looking for a way to get warm when he fell into the gap between the walls. Felyk was taken to a hospital with unknown injuries.

The Longmont Times-Call reports Fire Department worker Molly Meehan said, “this definitely could have been a call that didn't end on a good note."

The 35-year-old was hospitalized and his condition was unavailable.

Police are looking at trespassing charges in the case.