In lieu of flowers, boyfriend makes epic Chick-fil-A bouquet

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We’ve heard the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but this Alabama couple turned that adage around in a hilariously cute way.

Mashable reports that on Valentine's Day, 20-year-old Kamren Kennedy gave his girlfriend, Tiera Leftwich, a bouquet of Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets and waffle fries rather than the standard flowers and chocolate.

According to, Kennedy wanted to come up with an unusual and creative gift for the couple's first Valentine's Day together.

The Birmingham couple officially started dating in August. Kennedy told Mashable he knows how much Leftwich loves the chain, and he wanted to make her laugh.

"My girlfriend eats Chick-fil-A about four times throughout the week, and I wanted to give her something that had a little bit of comedy towards it and also something that would be personal," Kennedy told Mashable.

Kennedy enlisted the help of his mother to construct the bouquet, which they made out of 30 chicken nuggets and two large orders of fries.

Luckily, the gift was a big hit with Leftwich.

"When she first saw the vase, I think she was thinking it was maybe flowers. But when she looked closely, her mouth just dropped," Kennedy told "She wasn't expecting anything like that. She was just in awe about it. I like seeing her happy like that.”

Kennedy didn’t realize it, but Leftwich made him an edible bouquet of his own out of Reese's candy, his favorite sweet treat.

Sounds like this couple with great taste will last.