Homeless man attacked, dog stabbed, run over for Wi-Fi use

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A homeless man and his dog were attacked after using free Wi-Fi in a neighborhood Friday afternoon.

Christopher Conley, 26, was laying on the porch of a vacant house where his mother used to live, according to a police report.

Police were dispatched to the area after another man attempted to stab Conley and succeeded in stabbing his dog.

Conley told police that Earl White Jr., 50, lives behind the property where he was laying, according to the report.

He also told police that White yelled “You have no business being here!” while he attacked him.

White also attempted to hit Conley with his pickup truck, and succeeded in running over the dog, the report said.

The dog was taken to the Northridge Animal Clinic, where workers told Conley he suffered multiple fractures, a compressed spine, and internal bleeding. He is still alive.

Conley told police that White may have been angry over a past disagreement the two had over the dog.

White was arrested and charged with felonious assault. He is in the Montgomery County Jail.