Good Samaritans help Chicago officers who crashed into tree

WATCH: Good Samaritans Rescue Officer After Crash

When a Chicago police cruiser in pursuit of a suspect crashed to avoid an unyielding vehicle Tuesday, good Samaritans sprang into action, helping the officers from the wreck as they waited for rescuers.

A passerby shared video of the unfolding scene on Facebook that shows an officer being removed from the cruiser after it crashed into a tree to avoid a collision with an SUV, which left the scene, WGN reported.

"I just recorded it to show that people have a good heart in the city of Chicago," Kevin Russell, the man who recorded the video, told WGN.

There were two officers in the cruiser, who were assisting other officers who were in a foot chase, WGN reported.

"We were right here in the middle of the street so we just sort of got (the officer in the passenger seat) by his arm and sort of helped escort him over to the street but he was more concerned with his fellow officer," the Rev. Phillip Cusic, who heard the crash from his church nearby, told WLS.

The officer who was driving was being helped by two men out of the vehicle. Neighbor Belinda Chism also came to help.

"I went in my house and I got two pillows so that one of the officers that was laying down could put his head on it," she told WLS. "That's what we're supposed to do. You know, everything in the world is not bad and we have to change this world. If somebody has to show the world what love is then that's what we have to do."