Girl who had asthma attack reportedly faces punishment for borrowing inhaler

A Texas student is facing alternative school after she had an asthma attack and used a classmate’s inhaler.

Fox4 reported that Indiyah Rush offered 13-year-old Alexis Kyle her inhaler in gym class after she saw her struggling to breathe.

Because Alexis accepted the inhaler, she and Rush are facing 30 days in alternative school.

“I'm getting in trouble, but the thing is, she's getting in trouble too," Alexis said. “She tried to help me.”

The school district said the 30-day punishment is the initial automatic punishment for sharing a controlled substance until the students and their parents speak with the principal.

“The little girl saved her life,” Michael Green, Alexis' stepfather, said. “And the reason we say that (is) because we have been to situations where she has been to (the intensive care unit) so we know how bad her asthma is.”

A district representative said the parents and their daughters will have to appeal to get their punishment reduced. The 7th graders could get 0 to 30 days at the alternative school.

Alexis, her mother and stepfather appealed to school administrators Thursday.