Girl reburied 145 years after death

No one knew who she was or how she died, but that didn't matter this weekend when a community came out to pay respects to a child who originally passed away 145 years ago.

The unnamed child is again resting in peace, this time under a headstone with the name Miranda Eve carved into it.

About 100 people showed up to bury the girl, who was discovered when her original metal and glass coffin was uncovered from beneath a concrete garage floor during a remodeling project in a San Francisco home, The Associated Press reported.

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The 3-year-old's coffin was airtight, preserving the child's remains, her hair still golden and a rose still held in her tiny hands, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Since her discovery, people across the globe have been trying to find out who she was as her DNA was being tested.

>>145-year-old casket containing toddler found under California house

She was left behind when about 30,000 graves were moved from the city's Odd Fellows Cemetery to Greenlawn Memorial Park in Colma, California, The AP reported.

The graves were moved to make room for development.

Organizers of the reburial decided to inter her in the Colma plot so she could be among potential family members.

Everything from the child's casket to the burial plot were donated, The San Francisco Chronicle reported.