Girl charged after lying about razor blade hidden in Halloween candy

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Charges were filed Friday against a 16-year-old girl who told police she cut her mouth on a razor blade inside a piece of Halloween candy.

The girl is charged in juvenile court with making false reports. The charge stems from an incident on Halloween when the girl told police she got cut from a razor hidden inside a piece of chewing gum.

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The girl, who was treated for cuts in her mouth, attended a community event where residents handed out candy in a school parking lot.

More than 300 children received treats and nobody else reported that anything was tainted.

Authorities said the girl eventually admitted to making up the incident and self-inflicting the injuries she suffered.

The girl told state police that she put a razor blade in her mouth after chewing gum.

She also told police that at no time was anyone else involved in the incident and that the original piece of candy she received from trick-or-treating was safe.