Florida mansion with secret stripper school closed over noise complaints

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A secret stripper school held inside a $2 million mansion in Tampa, Fla. has been shut down after neighbors in the exclusive gated community complained about all the noise.


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reports the all-night, liquor-fueled celebrations, complete with booming stereos and screaming women, had people fed up.

'This to me seems like there was an undercurrent of very sexually-related activities,' resident Ron Nagy said. 'They're gaming the system.'

Nagy filed his first complaint against Canadian millionaire Gordon Lownds in 2014 with the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office after he spotted ads for an adult-themed party being held at the mansion called "Midsummer Night Wet Dream." After months of complaints, Lownds and the mansion's manager, Sean Grey, got hit with code violations. Grey was also charged with violating the city's noise ordinance but has since been dismissed.

Lownds bought the mansion in April 2013 for $2 million and remodeled it into an Egyptian-themed palace, advertised as

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on it's website. Ad's for the mansion say it's available to rent for events and productions, but it soon became home to a modeling agency called

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, run by Grey and Nicholas Worlds.

"Turn your stripper job into a career in exotic dancing and achieve the elite lifestyle you deserve,' the



Potential 'models' are invited to live in the 6-bedroom mansion as a perk. There's also a 'harem room' complete with stripper poles, a wet bar, and poker table.

Lownds tells the Tampa Tribune that the school has now been shut down after five citations from code enforcement. But Deputy Phil Acaba says it was the wild parties that led to the school's demise.

'If they had flown under the radar, they'd still be in business,' he said. 'The noise was the issue that brought their downfall.' 
Lownds said he and some of his partners had planned to film a reality show about the every day lives of strippers at the mansion.