Florida man allegedly pulls AR-15 in road rage incident

Meyer (SJSO via ActionNewsJax.com)

Meyer (SJSO via ActionNewsJax.com)

A road rage incident in St. Augustine, Florida, led a man to allegedly pull out his AR-15 and aim it across a road at the other driver, authorities said.

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Britt Meyer, 56, was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

Jamie Sanders and Katelin Daugherty were on their way to the beach when deputies say Meyer pointed a gun at them twice.

“He pulled it straight out and pointed it right at me, he’s sitting in the driver’s seat and pointed it right at me," said Sanders.

The family says they were trying to turn around in a parking lot when Meyer confronted them. The couple’s three young children were in the back seat.

“He put the gun over the steering wheel and pointed it at my dad," said the couple’s son.

Both men were out of their vehicles during the argument, but the victim says he drove off when Meyer allegedly pulled out a handgun and pointed it at him.

Investigators say Meyer drove off as well, and when the Sanders pulled in to a nearby parking lot, Meyer doubled back to where the confrontation initially happened, which was outside an area restaurant.

The Sanders told deputies that Meyer then pulled out an AR-15 with a “red dot type” optic scope, laid it across the hood of his car, and aimed the rifle at the victim, who was across the road.

“He had full intentions of shooting and killing me,” said Sanders.

When Meyer saw the victim on the phone with law enforcement, he allegedly stashed the rifle in the restaurant and came back outside, where he was taken into custody.

The rifle was found in the office of the restaurant, and the owner said he had not seen it there earlier in the day, nor did he keep any guns in the restaurant.

The arrest report says the rifle was loaded and had the selector switch in the fire position, but there was no round in the chamber. Meyer told deputies that he had put the gun there four weeks prior, because of problems with bikers at the restaurant.

Sander’s girlfriend -- who was in the car with him -- corroborated his statements, according to investigators. There was another witness who reported seeing Meyer with the rifle outside of the restaurant, but she did not see him aim the rifle.

Meyer denies ever pointing a weapon at the victim.

Jail records show Meyer was booked in to the St. Johns County Jail Friday, and was released the next day.