Epic new Lego set honors the pioneering women of NASA and people are loving it


LegoWednesday unveiled its new figure set dedicated to four pioneering women of NASA, slated to hit the shelves next month.

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The box set includes Nancy Grace Roman, the "Mother of Hubble" who was the first chief of astronomy in the Office of Space Science at NASA's headquarters and the first woman to hold an executive position at NASA. Under her tenure, she oversaw the development of the famous Hubble Space Telescope.

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Margaret Hamilton, another NASA pioneer included in the set, was a NASA engineer whose work was instrumental during the Apollo 11 mission. In 2016, President Barack Obama awarded Hamilton the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work during the successful landing.

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Then, you have Sally Ride, the first American woman to ever fly in space. During her 1983 flight, Ride worked the robotic arm to put satellites into space, according to NASA.

Last but not least is Mae Jemison, the world's first woman of color in space. Jemison flew aboard the shuttle "Endeavour" in 1992 and logged a total 190 hours, 30 minutes and 23 seconds in space, according to NASA.

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The set was designed by Maia Weinstock, who submitted the idea on Lego Ideas, a website run by The Lego Group and Chaordix that allows users to share product proposals, earn supporters and potentially see their visions come to life.

"I was absolutely elated when the project reached 10,000 supporters! The set clearly touched and inspired many, as it reached 10,000 supporters in just 15 days," Weinstock said in the Lego Ideas blog.

Weinstock also initially proposed a set with NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, whose work inspired the hit film “Hidden Figures.”

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However, in a statement to the Verge, Lego said that "In order for us to move forward with a partner we need to obtain approval from all key people which was not possible in this case. We naturally fully respect this decision."

The response on social media has been overwhelmingly positive.

🙌 The next Lego set will honor the Women of NASA, including groundbreaking Astronaut @maejemison pic.twitter.com/OTZEwR9mQz— MAKERS (@MAKERSwomen) October 18, 2017

The 231-piece Women of NASA set will hit store shelves on Nov. 1 with a retail price of $24.99.

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If you're in New York City, you can snag a set on Oct. 28 at the Flatiron District Lego Store, where Weinstock will meet fans and sign sets between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Read more about the set at ideas.lego.com.

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