Dog still waits for Georgia teen to get off of school bus

As Carly Dunn got ready to head off for her freshman year at Georgia State University, she had to say goodbye to her beloved furry friend, Bo.

The 18-year-old from Duluth told Buzzfeed News that her dog Bo has never done well with goodbyes.

“Every time I leave the house, he always looks at me so sad and just gives me this face like I’m literally giving him for adoption,” Dunn said. “Sometimes … I’ll just have to take him with me because I feel so bad.”

On Tuesday, Carly’s father sent her a text message along with picture of Bo. Her old school bus had just driven past her house and he ran to the window.

“Bo still hopes you are getting off after all this time,” the text said.

Carly said Bo used to wait for her every day after school and greeted her at the door.

“I was so sad!” she said. “I texted back and I was like, ‘Aww, Bo!’”

She tweeted the text from her father and it went viral.

People started to get emotional over the tweet as well.

Dunn said the first time she came home from George State, Bo was “so excited.”

"He sprinted over to me and kept jumping all over me and letting me pet him," she told Buzzfeed. "If I stopped petting him, he'd try and get as close as he possibly could to me."

Dunn said she will be home soon for the Christmas break and can’t wait to see her pal Bo.

“He’s my best friend,” she said. “I want to take him everywhere.”