Deputies jump into action to take care of coworker’s baby

Sheriff’s Department Step Up to Help Deputy By Babysitting

To protect and serve and change diapers?

First responders almost always have each others’ backs in almost any situation.

Sheriffs' deputies in Greenville County, South Carolina, lived up to that expectation last week when two employees, a married couple with a baby, who both work in law enforcement, but at different departments, ended up needing to call in backup when work interfered with family, WIS reported.

Luckily the family had many “uncles” who jumped in to help take care of the baby named Reagan.

The platoon lieutenant picked up the baby, and brought him back to the office until his father finished his shift, according to WIS.

According to the department’s post, the baby was “entertained and given ALL THE ATTENTION IN THE WORLD,” until daddy was done with work.

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Corey John, who identified himself as Regan’s father, on the post’s comments, said the other deputies are family to them and he thanked them for jumping into action when needed for his family.

A law enforcement family needed help when work interfered with life. Deputies jumped into action to take care of another deputy's baby.

Credit: Greenville County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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Credit: Greenville County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

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