Colo. police officer on probation after violent arrest video

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Cpl. Mark Magness, 51, of the Federal Heights Police Department, pled guilty to mistreating a suspect after video surfaced showing him shoving the man, 48-year-old Kent Lasnik, into a refrigerator before beating him up in the holding cell and strapping him to a restraining chair.

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According to KDVR, Magness told his supervisors that the handcuffed Lasnik "stumbled into (the) refrigerator" when they were coming into the booking area. The photos that came out later showed that the incident led to a gash on Lasnik's chin that required stitches at the hospital.

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Once Lasnik was in the holding cell, he was uncuffed and raised his hand towards Magness’ face, the video shows. This led to the officer beginning a beating of Lasnik with the video showing that he was hit “seven times while on the holding cell bench” and “five times after he’s dragged to the floor and handcuffed again.”

According to KDVR, Magness’ partner, David Romero, would later tell his superiors that “it didn’t look good” and that someone should probably review the footage of what happened.

This wasn’t the first time Magness was accused of brutality. The officer pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of throwing a person to the ground, which nearly broke their arm, in 2009.

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