Check out this hoverboard that actually, y'know, hovers

Anyone else annoyed by all those "hoverboards" that don't actually hover?

"It has two wheels and you've heard it being called a hoverboard," said Brian Tong in a CNET video.

Well, ARCA Space Corporation has revealed a hoverboard that isn't lying to you.

"What if we could all experience flying? What if, for a moment, every person on planet Earth could live out their dreams?" asked the narrator in a video from ARCA Space.

It's called ArcaBoard. It's packed with 36 fans to lift up to 243 pounds a foot off the ground.

ArcaBoard uses onboard sensors to keep the vehicle stable.

• Stabilization turned on: Use your phone to control ArcaBoard.

• Stabilization turned off: Use your body to control ArcaBoard.

An honest-to-goodness hoverboard is awesome. But there are caveats.

It only flies for three to six minutes on average before it needs charging.

And it costs $19,900. That's more than a 2015 base-model Honda Civic. (Video via Kelley Blue Book)

ARCA Space says the first boards will be delivered April 15, 2016. If you've got $20K to spare.