Brothers in blue step in for daughter of fallen officer’s prom photos

An Indianapolis teenager had a sendoff to her prom like no other.

Sierra Bradway lost her father in the line of duty, but her father’s brothers in blue stepped in to help give her the prom sendoff that he would have wanted.

Sierra and her date went to  Crown Hill Cemetery to visit the grave of her father, Officer Rod Bradway, before heading out for the dance, RTV reported.

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Sierra and her date, who is the son of a Marion County sheriff’s captain, were met near the grave by her father’s police force.

Sierra's date's mother helped set up the surprise, RTV reported.

The surrogate fathers gave the young couple a warning that any parent would: to have her home early.

Bradway died in 2013 after he was shot when he ran into an apartment building in response to a woman who was screaming for help, RTV reported.

Credit: Chief Bryan Roach/Twitter

Credit: Chief Bryan Roach/Twitter