Blue Bell Christmas Cookies ice cream sold out for the holidays

It features hints of chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and sugar cookies, with red sprinkles and green icing.

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Blue Bell released a limited supply of its Christmas Cookies ice cream Oct. 23, and with about three weeks before Christmas, the special holiday flavor is all gone, sold out, unavailable.

“The demand for Christmas Cookies has been overwhelming, and we, unfortunately, sold out much more quickly than we anticipated,” company officials wrote on Facebook. “Due to timing constraints, we are unable to order additional ingredients to get the flavor back before Christmas, but we definitely have plans to make more next year.”

Fans flipped out, leaving hundreds of comments on the ice cream company’s Facebook post about the ice cream flavor’s release.

The run on the creamy frozen confection could be blamed on a hilariously detailed review of the ice cream by Chris Field that went viral in October:

“Christmas Cookies ice cream is described by Blue Bell as being ‘Sugar Cookie Flavored Ice Cream with Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, and Sugar Cookies, Red Sprinkles and a Green Icing Swirl.’ What Blue Bell should have said was ‘if you love baby Jesus, Santa Claus, puppies wearing Santa hats, or the sound of children laughing on Christmas morning--you need this ice cream in your life.’ It's just that good,” Field wrote.

Field posted his thoughts Sunday about the flavor selling out.

"Look what we did," he wrote.

Blue Bell officials said the flavor will be available again next year.