Amber Guyger, Dallas officer who fatally shot man in his apartment, involved in 2017 shooting

Amber Guyger, who was identified as the Dallas Officer who shot a man after going into the wrong apartment, had previously shot a suspect.

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Guyger, 30, is expected to face a manslaughter charge after fatally shooting Botham Jean Thursday, when she mistakenly walked into his apartment after working a full shift.

She was also involved in a 2017 shooting of a suspect who took her Taser during a struggle, the Dallas Morning News reported. She was not indicted in that case, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Guyger shot Uvaldo Perez, 47, after he became combative when another officer tried to search him, the Dallas Morning News reported.

She fired her Taser before Perez took it from her. Guyger then fired a single shot, striking Perez in his abdomen.

Perez was arrested and charged with taking a weapon from an officer, possession of methamphetamine and marijuana and violating his parole, according to the Dallas Morning News.

He signed a plea agreement in 2018 for the charge of taking an officer’s weapon and was sentenced to two years in prison.

On Thursday, Guyger, who was in full uniform, mistakenly walked into Jean's apartment and fatally shot him. She had moved into the complex about a month earlier and did not know Jean, the Dallas Morning News reported.