Alcohol delivery service expands to new U.S. cities

Bottles of Budweiser and Miller Lite beer
Bottles of Budweiser and Miller Lite beer

Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

It's like pizza delivery, just minus the pizza and add the alcohol.

Beginning Thursday, Floridians in Jacksonville can have alcohol delivered right to their door steps.

Drizly, a Boston-based company, is partnering with a packaging stores to expand the delivery service.

Kerin Horgan, who handles public relations for Drizly, said the company decided to expand to Jacksonville because of the young demographic.

"People are looking for, you know, the next service that can make their life that much more easier and convenient," Horgan said.

The service allows customers to order alcohol from nearby liquor stores using either the app or desktop site.

Once the order is placed, the delivery comes from an employee of the store or someone contracted by the store. The delivery cost is a flat $5 fee.

Parents needn't worry about their children or teenagers abusing the service. Upon delivery, the drivers will scan the customers' ID to verify they are 21.

Drizly is available in 28 cities, including Seattle, Tampa Bay, Orlando and Austin, Texas.