Michigan weightlifter uses muscle to help rescue man injured in SUV

A Michigan weightlifter used his power to move a two-ton SUV to help paramedics reach a man trapped inside the vehicle, MLIve reported.

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Ryan Belcher, 29, of Belleview, heard a “big smash” Thursday while he was in Ypsilanti and went outside to investigate, the website reported.

He discovered a black Jeep Cherokee on its roof in melting snow, with a 36-year-old man trapped inside the vehicle. The man was lying out of the driver's side window, but could not move and was blocked in the SUV by a sign pole, MLive reported.

“He was talking about his legs, how he couldn’t feel his legs,” Belcher said.

The 350-pounder sprang into action. In competition, Belcher excelled as a weightlifter, squatting 950 pounds, bench-pressing 500 pounds and dead-lifting 800 pounds. He had never moved two tons of weight, however.

"From there, I just kind of got tunnel vision," Belcher told MLive. "And then I grabbed the back, where the window was smashed out and lifted up and started pushing."

Belcher was able to move the SUV about three feet, allowing paramedics to reach the injured man. He was taken to a hospital and was in critical condition, the website reported.

"If I could describe it in one word, It would be humbled," Belcher told MLive. said about his feelings a day after the rescue. "This could have been anybody, it could have been me. And just getting home to my children after that is all I thought about.

‘I’d hope if it was me in there, somebody would help me the way I did them.”