May 19, 2014: Today's front page news

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s top stories today feature news about your tax dollars at work, Georgia’s economy, the new healthcare law and information on the U.S. Senate race.

AJC staff writer James Salzer reports on a project tucked into the back of the upcoming year's state budget: Money to design one of the most expensive buildings in state history. After some late-session judicial lobbying, the General Assembly approved borrowing $7.5 million to design and begin site preparation for the new home of the Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals on land where the long-closed state archives now sits. Critics say there's too little scrutiny of state's big-ticket projects.

AT&T will move hundreds of jobs into the city of Atlanta over the next year as it expands its push into no-contract wireless service, a company executive said.   The decision helps the city in its efforts to boost jobs. But it's also another example of metro Atlanta suburban operations eyeing moves intown, bucking trends of past decades. Read the article by AJC business writer Matt Kempner.

TV money is shaping the GOP Senate race, the AJC's Daniel Malloy writes. From heroic image-building to vicious attacks, more than $9 million worth of television advertising has been designed to sway the Republican U.S. Senate primary, shaping the playing field ahead of Tuesday's vote.  Even in an age of digital innovation, television ads make up the biggest chunk of many campaigns' budgets and are the medium of choice for free-spending super PACs.

Finally, consumers are losing doctors with new insurance plans, the Associated Press reports. Many find out too late that some exchange plans aren't accepted.