Massive brawl inside Cleveland-area Chuck E. Cheese's caught on camera

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A wild fight inside an Ohio Chuck E. Cheese's was caught on surveillance cameras. (Source: WPXI)

A total of 11 people were involved in the brawl, in which customers and employees faced off in the kitchen.

In the video, a customer attending a birthday party at the Chuck E. Cheese's in Parma, Ohio -- a Cleveland suburb -- is shown attacking a manager.

As another employee tries to intervene, friends of the original attacker join in.

“A huge fight. We’re going to need cops and ambulances. We’re freaking out. We need people here,” the 911 caller said.

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According to police, five customers attacked workers, injuring six people. One teenage employee was knocked unconscious and another said he was trying to call 911 when he got hit.

“I got to 9-1 and then I got slammed,” said Andre Davis. “I am in a full fight. This dude came out of nowhere.”

Investigators said at least a dozen customers who were part of the birthday party cheered on the attackers, who all got away.

“I don’t want to call this a fight. It’s not a fight. This is an attack,” said Parma Police Lt. Kevin Riley. “This is an attack on employees who were simply doing their jobs. They weren’t doing anything else. They were there earning a living and supporting their families.”

Police said the fight started because one of the customers wanted to use a photo booth. Because one of the photo booths was broken, was told she’d have to wait.