Marietta allergy lab owner pleads guilty to faking test results

A Marietta man pleaded guilty Tuesday to faking allergy test results and sending them to Atlanta doctors, according to a statement from United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates.

Rahsaan Jackson Garth, 39, opened an allergy laboratory in 2011 named Polaris Allergy Labs, Inc, located in East Point. Doctors sent their patients’ blood samples to the lab to be tested for food and environmental allergies.

Beginning in approximately September of 2012 and continuing through February of 2014, Garth directed his lab technician not to actually test some of the blood samples for allergens. Instead, Garth would create fake result reports for the patients, then send those reports back to the patients’ doctors.

Because he was not actually testing some of the samples, Garth saved money by not using the allergen reagents necessary for testing.

Garth still varied his results in order to avoid suspicion. Sometimes his fake reports showed no allergic reaction, other times, they did. The doctors were unaware that Garth was sending them fake allergy test results.

After sending the fake report to the doctor, Garth would then bill the patient’s health care benefit program, even though he hadn’t provided any service.

“Garth put his own greed above the health and safety of citizens,” Yates said. “This defendant seriously endangered the lives of children and adults in Atlanta when he faked their allergy test results and misled their doctors.”

Garth’s sentencing has not yet been scheduled.