MAP: Which metro Atlanta schools require uniforms?

Credit: Steve Schaefer

Credit: Steve Schaefer

In metro Atlanta, black and Hispanic public school students are more likely than white students to be required to wear uniforms to school—and face discipline if they don’t comply.

About one of every two black students and one of every four Hispanic students have to wear uniforms, as opposed to about one of every 20 white students.

Racial disparities in school discipline have drawn federal attention, and uniform rule violations have become one more reason students can be taken out of classrooms for minor, non-violent offenses.

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The map below displays in schools that do not have uniforms with red points and schools that do require or encourage uniforms green points. Click on any point to see a breakdown of each's schoools racial makeup.

Source: School district records, AJC reporting, Georgia Department of Education. Some schools on this map have since been closed or consolidated.