Man guilty, but mentally ill, for threatening to eat judge’s children

A Cobb County man was found guilty but mentally ill for threatening to eat a judge’s a children, the county’s District Attorney said Thursday afternoon.

Jurors found James Edward Satterfield, 59, guilty of two counts of terroristic threats with intent to retaliate and three counts of terroristic threats, DA Vic Reynolds said in an emailed statement.

In December 2012, Cobb Superior Court Judge Reuben Green opened a letter that mailed to his home and addressed to his wife, Reynolds said. In the five-page, typed letter, Satterfield outlined his intent to kill the judge’s wife and two children and eat them, according to police.

Satterfield stated that he would "cook them first to make them more palatable," according to the Cobb County arrest warrant.

At the time of Satterfield’s arrest, investigators found a Taurus firearm known as “The Judge” in his vehicle, and a copy of the letter and a photo of the judge’s house on his computer, Reynolds said.

Green had presided over Satterfield’s divorce and prosecutors contend he was mad over the amount of time and money spent in the split from his wife. The divorce was finalized in July 2012.

Satterfield will be sentenced at a later date, Reynolds said. He is expected to be sentenced to prison with psychiatric treatment, the DA said.